Marine Life in Cyprus by Steve Ford at Cyprus Diving Adventures

'Scuba Steve' at Cyprus Diving AdventuresSteve Ford, our preferred Scuba Diving Instructor on the island, writes a fantastic blog on his website – this month we find out about the marine life in Cyprus, which might just surprise you.  Check out his website for more details on what courses he has to offer, and information on his Dive Centre which is situated in neighbouring Pissouri Village: CyprusDivingAdventues below:

We hope you enjoy Steve’s article, below:

Having dived in Cyprus for almost 20 years I have seen and continue to see a great variance and abundance of marine life all around the island.

The Med is not known for good sea life and in parts it is sparce, this is mainly due to exploitation and over fishing. However there have always been a lot of dive sites in Cyprus that have enjoyed fantastic marine life and in big numbers, you just need to know where to go and where to look. Also in Cyprus there is a big development in marine reserves, new fishing controls, artificial wrecks and reefs being sank to help with fish populations and all this is ongoing.

The Zenobia wreck was one of the first designated protected marine reserves in Cyprus and it is well known for it’s excellent marine life with large groupers, barracuda, turtles, jacks, triggerfish, moray eels, parrot fish, wrasses, squirrel fish, nudibranchs and much more all present here in large numbers. Since then St Georges Island has been made a new protected marine reserve area and here we regularly see large shoals of fish and a great variance of marine life. It is also a great dive site to get close to the marine life as they do not fear divers due to their protection.

The Limassol wrecks are also a great success after being sank to start a new artificial reef in 2014. Since then an additional reef has also been laid in the area and the result has been an explosion of new life. This is a well protected area and is one of the best dive sites to see masses of fish and big predators. New reefs are also being laid with the support of the Cyprus fisheries authorities who see that these developments also help with fishing stocks outside of the protected areas for their members. This is a great way of promoting this win win situation where the divers, dive businesses and the fishermen all get the result of more and more fish.

There are many more of these marine reserves all around Cyprus, with some being wrecks and some artificial reefs. There are also many more projects underway to sink more wrecks and reefs to further develop the marine life around the island, to encourage more diving tourism and as a result to also support the fisheries.

Diving with a good, experienced Dive Centre is also the best way to ensure that as a diver you visit the best dive sites in Cyprus and that you see plenty of marine life. A dive professional who knows the areas very well and has dived them for a few years will always give their divers the very best quality diving.

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