Tuesday’s Travel Tip: 3 Walks you must do in Cyprus this Winter

Now that the weather is cooler than it was in the summer months, it is the perfect time to explore this beautiful island! I have put together a list of three walks which I have been on recently which I recommend to everyone!

Information gathered from Cyprus Walks Etc.

1. Calidonia Falls

Calidonia Falls runs next to a stream, and naturally the flora and fauna is very different (and richer). With a length of just three kilometers, it is quite steep and crosses the stream at points. Walkers may hear many songbirds (especially towards summer), though it is rather difficult to spot them.  About midway one finds Caledonia Waterfall, a major natural attraction in the area. The water quantity is not significant, but the setting is nevertheless idyllic.  The trail finishes in Platres Village.

2. ‘Three Wineries’, Panagia – Kannaviou

This walk is known as the ‘Three wineries‘ walk because it offers walkers the perfect excuse to visit (at least) three wineries in the area. One in Panagia village, which is the starting point of the walk, one in Kannaviou village which is the finishing point of the walk, and a third one near Chrysoroyiatissa monastery, that has a restaurant with a fantastic view of Ezousa valley and Kannaviou dam.  There is another monastery in the area called ‘Ayia Moni’.

The 10-kilometre long walk starts at the village of Panagia at an elevation of 850 meters. Walkers descend through the countryside by half a kilometre as they reach the village of Kannaviou. On the way they pass by vineyards, cereal fields, rock formations and scrub land. For a part of the walk (second quarter) they enjoy the view of the nearby Kannaviou dam. During the lower part of the route one walks close to a stream that reaches Kannaviou village. Travellers see olive trees, hawthorn and even some oak trees (oaks have become rather rare in Cyprus unfortunately) and many wildflowers (including wild orchids – if they happen to walk during the blooming season of course).  Walkers are in the company of virtually no one but the avian inhabitants of this area. It is pretty here, and even though it is near a main road and close to a few villages it feels like one is alone in the wilderness.


3. Akamas Trail, Polis

This walk starts at the Smiyies picnic area and goes north, all the way to the coast.  The walk is in a pristine, almost untouched by man, rich in biodiversity area of Cyprus. Walkers may see many different plant species, many of them in bloom  from February to May.  The walk offers incredible vistas of the west coast towards Lara and of the north coast of Akamas. The high point of the walk is probably a stop at Moutti Tis Sotiras peak, close to the north coast, from where the views are breathtaking. The walk connects Smiyies trail to Aphrodite trail. Travellers walk on trails as well as dirt roads, enjoying the serenity of the place. Walkers also pass by an abandoned monastery and finish the walk at Baths of Aphrodite cave.


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