Don’t Miss This: Irish Dance Reborn – Murphy’s Legacy


The biggest event at Aphrodite Hills this summer, with dancers being flown in especially and approximately 2,500 people expected to attend! Don’t miss out!

The Legacy

The Emerald Isle was once a welcoming place, full of fun, peace and tranquillity. However, it was torn apart after years of clan fighting which had left Ireland in complete turmoil. The Murphy’s, residents of the once beautiful land were in search of a new home, to escape all of the hurt and bad memories. Little did they know their new home, Ishan, was not a welcoming place.

Murphy’s Legacy is a dark yet inspiring tale of courageousness and loss. How far would you go, to save the ones you love? What would you sacrifice, in order to finally achieve peace? These are tough questions that nobody ever wants to face, but when examined, make for extraordinary viewing.

Despite its origins, Murphy’s Legacy spiritually lies in the North East of England. Show creator Chris Hannon, a former male lead in ‘Lord of The Dance’ and co-owner of the internationally recognised North East based ‘Hannon Murphy School of Irish Dancing’, joins forces with the best Irish Dancers from around the globe to bring you what is sure to be a new Irish Dance global phenomenon.

Don’t blink, for this is no ordinary Irish Dance performance, it is a battle of styles, a clash of colours. Murphy’s strong cast give an invigorating performance of traditional Irish Dance, with dark cinematic undertones, creating a show like no other.

This is Irish Dance reborn.

Watch the video below if you’re still not convinced…

Venue: Golf Academy in Aphrodite Hills.

Ticket price: €25 – €30

When: 9pm, 29th July

Tickets are available at Aphrodite Hills Resort, call +357 26828000 or online at

We guarantee you’ll never be bored at Aphrodite Hills:


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