Friday’s Fact About: Must Visit: Hadjipieris Organic Farmers’ Market

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Ever stocked up on fresh produce from a farmers’ market before? Ideal for anyone wishing to shop more responsibly, not only will you be supporting local producers, but you’ll also feel better informed about what you’re buying. Whether you’re after some kale for a real health kick, want a bunch of tasty cherry tomatoes to spruce up that green salad or are keen on making a tasty courgette pie, there are plenty of goodies on offer to entice you.



With the Hadjipieris Organic Farmer’s Market luring crowds from near and far, it comes to life in the garden of Pieris and Chrystalla Hadjipieris, who began cultivating the land beside their house for the benefit of their family back in the 1980s.

“We started growing organic produce when we were students in Patra,” explains Chrystalla. “When we moved back to Cyprus in the late 80s, we didn’t really feel that Cypriots were ready to embrace organic produce, and so we just grew veggies for us and our family.”



But things certainly changed over the years, and as the public at large began to develop a consciousness for healthy eating, more and more friends grew keen on trying their produce. Soon enough, Pieris and Chrystalla decided it was time to open the doors of the now certified organic farm at the back of their house.




With two helpers currently working on the farm, the couple wake up bright and early every Saturday, to pick fresh produce which goes on sale at the 9am market. Attracting visitors of all ages, young ones love to take a look around the grounds and can even have a go at planting and picking their own fruit and veggies while gaining an understanding of what organic farming is all about. School visits have now also become popular, as the couple talk to children about cultivating the land and growing your own veggies.



“Everything that we sell is seasonal as we don’t have big greenhouses or anything like that here. Cucumbers and summer courgettes are now in season, and we’ll soon we’ll be able to enjoy tomatoes and some summer fruit like melons and watermelons.”



The couple also sell eggs from their chickens and bring in fruit for sale which they don’t grow themselves from other organic suppliers. “All leftovers are used to make jams and veggie pies,” Chrystalla enthuses. “Our visitors then have the chance to try these the next week.”

Where and when? Every Saturday morning. 9am – 1pm. Ovidiou St, Ayia Fylaxis. Limassol. Tel: (+357) 99 332581


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