Let’s Help Shape a Greener Cyprus: Unique Tree Planting Event this March

The event will see 1000 trees planted at a pre-selected location with the help of pre-registered volunteers and experts from the Department of Forests.

Some centuries ago, Cyprus used to be known as the “green island”, with more than a half of  the land covered with green forests. Unfortunately, due to various external factors including three major devastating forest fires – in 1924, 1956 and 1974 – almost 400 sq. kilometres of forest greenery were lost, and today, the green forest area or Cyprus covers no more than 25% of the island’s territory.

In an attempt to actively assist in the restoration and preservation of Cyprus’ ecosystem, GreenCyprusCom has made it its mission to organize regular reforestation events, bringing together people who care about nature and are committed to reviving the island’s greenery. The goal of the organisation is to plant more than twenty thousand of trees in the next years, as well as to maintain and develop the forest areas in the long term.

I strongly support the idea to plant more than twenty thousand trees over the next years to restore and preserve the natural beauty of Cyprus for future generations,” says Entrepreneur and philanthropist Mr German Lillevyali, who is one of the benefactors of the initiative “And I am happy to make my input into making Cyprus greener, especially after the recent devastating fires that have destroyed beautiful parts of the island”.

The activity will be implemented in collaboration with ‘We Green Cyprus’ initiative, launched in September 2016 following the devastation of the forest fires that struck Cyprus that same summer, and it is fully supported by the Department of Forests which will be responsible of taking care of the planted trees in the years to come.

Those who would like to participate are invited to visit www.green-cyprus.com, select a date and time, send an application and join the group of volunteers. Volunteers can also join the project by donating to the cause through the website.More information about the event, including its location, can be found on the website. 


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