Local news: Turkish Cypriots to stay one hour ahead


Taken from In-Cyprus.com

Cypriots crossing the divide of the island will need to change the time on their watches and phones by one hour after the Turkish Cypriot coalition decided to follow in the footsteps of the Turkish government and not to shift the daylight saving time (DST) next month.

Claiming that they wish to benefit from more daylight, the Turkish Council of Ministers (CoM) have ruled to remain with the DST and not bring their clocks forward at the end of October. The Turkish Cypriots have also now decided that they will too implement the same decision, throwing the two sides into a different time zone.

The daylight saving time shift had been made on March 27, 2016 – where clocks are traditionally moved forward by one hour – and will remain as is and not move back on October 30, 2016.

It is not the first time that the Turkish government has controversially deviated away from standard time shifts.

Last year, Turkey delayed the DST shift by two weeks due to the general elections taking place on November which prompting uproar not just in Turkey but also in the north of Cyprus – which has daily flights between Tymbou (Ercan) and Turkey.

Earlier this year, both the Egyptian and Azerbaijani governments scraped Daylight Saving Time.

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