By Scott Wakefield – head tennis coach at Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy

Scott Wakefield

I have been a professional coach for over twenty years teaching tennis to a variety of players from complete beginners to advanced professional players.

Demographics of tennis:  The majority of tennis players are either juniors or adult players coming back to the game after work and family commitments have eased.

What benefits does tennis give a player ?
Playing Outdoors in the fresh air
Improved personal fitness
Learning new skills and techniques
Improved agility and footwork
Fun and rewarding game
Builds your social circle of friends
A very rewarding and active lifestyle

How long can you play tennis for ?
Tennis is a game for everyone, from 4 years old tiny tots tennis to 80 yrs + social tennis.  I have coached a lot of social footballers who have given up competing due to injuries but still want a sport with a competitive edge that also helps keep them fit – tennis is the perfect game.

With 4 clay courts, and 4 hard courts, professional coaches and a Proshop

With 4 clay courts, and 4 hard courts, professional coaches and a Proshop

We host a real variety of classes here at Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy, accommodating everyone of all ages!  Take a look and see if any would appeal to you:

What is Rusty Rackets tennis?
Rusty rackets is a group tennis class designed for adult tennis players who have played a little bit years ago – at school or at a club, but haven’t managed to play since because work & family life since took priority.
This course is perfect for the returning tennis player to get back into the swing of tennis.

What is Cardio Tennis?
Cardio tennis is a high energy, fitness, fun tennis class accompanied by music.
High energy – Heart pumping fitness!
You will hit lots of low compression tennis balls (which are easier to hit)
It doesn’t matter if your shots land in the court or not – the idea is to burn calories whilst getting an understanding of the tennis strokes.                                                                            No previous tennis experience necessary. Beginners welcome.

Complete beginner classes:
Players are shown basic strokes and coordination exercises to help develop their game.       These classes are aimed at players who have never picked up a tennis racket or stepped on to a court. 

Junior Group coaching classes:
Players will be shown technical – tactical – Physical exercises to improve all round performance. The cost of group lessons are considerably less expensive than private 1:1 tuition.                                                                                                                                              These classes are a great way for juniors to develop their game while having fun and making new friends.

Adult Group Coaching Tennis Classes:
These classes are designed for players to hit lots of tennis balls – back court – mid court – front court specific drills to improve over all techniques and get you match ready ! Whatever your level.

tennis ballVIEW the full Tennis Menu or Tennis Schedule.

So if you are bored with your fitness routines or would like to try a new challenging fun active sport then don’t be shy, come and give tennis a try! Non Members are welcome.

At Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy we have the professional coaching team and courses in place to help you reach your own personal goals and potential – from complete beginners right through to advanced players.

Please call tennis reception
00357 26828122
Or email:

The tennis team look forward to welcoming you on court 🙂


We guarantee you’ll never be bored at Aphrodite Hills:



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