Friday’s Fact About: Kataklysmos – the festival of the flood!

Monday 20th June 2016 is a national public holiday…but do you know why?


In Cyprus this holiday is named the Kataklysmos festival, or festival of the flood, which is a religious holiday for the feast of the Pentecost, otherwise known as Whitsun, or the day of the Holy Spirit, as it commemorates the descent of the Holy Ghost to the Apostles. In Cyprus, however, the celebrations are also connected to the ancient ceremonies organized in honour of Aphrodite and Adonis.

Kataklysmos is an annual festival, always 50 days after Greek Orthodox Easter.

Water is the main focus of the festival and locals are often found yielding water balloons and water guns in the villages. All coastal cities organize concerts, games and other events near the waterfront. Be ready to get wet at Kataklysmos!

In Limassol the events of Kataklysmos take place along the seaside molos promenade over a three-day period. You will find plenty of kiosks, entertainment and competitions by the sea.

In Paphos Kataklysmos is celebrated outside the castle at the harbour. The harbour front is lined with wonderful stalls selling local foods, crafts and souvenirs and is open until late night.  The programme includes concerts, dance groups performances and water sport competitions.  Click HERE to view the events programme for the 2016 Kataklysmos celebrations in Paphos, which starts tomorrow.

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