Brand New: Walking Football by Dream Team Soccer School

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Walking Football, a slow-paced version of the beautiful game aimed at getting players back involved in the sport, has arrived in Cyprus . Our sessions are aimed at (but not limited to) over 50s, those coming back from injury and those with lack of mobility.

Walkling Football

Walking Football is designed to help people keep an active lifestyle despite their age, as well as getting those back playing football who had to stop due to injuries.

As the name suggests, Walking Football is non-contact and anyone that sprints, runs or jogs while the ball is in play will be penalized with a free-kick awarded to the other team.

The game is played on a pitch 20/40 yards in length and 15/30 yards in width, with the game restarted via a kick, roll or throw-in.

For example in 2014, the total number of miles covered by Walking Footballers in Surrey was 6,412! In 2015, the number of walking footballers has nearly TREBLED. Simply playing 1 hour a week for 3 months enables players to cover 30 miles and burn 4,200 calories! Were are over 300+ players each week in Surrey taking part in Walking Football.

We at Dream Team will be putting together a coaching and matches weekly program at the stunning Aphrodite Hills 5* Resort on the New 3G Pitch. Be part of the class on grass!

For more information please e-mail or call 00357 96297983 Lee Walkley (Director of Coaching) 


We guarantee you’ll never be bored at Aphrodite Hills:


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