Guest Spotlight: “Why we choose to return to Aphrodite Hills year after year…”

If you ask anyone in the team, we will all tell you that one of the highlights of our year is to welcome back two of our most frequent guests, Graham & Pat Kelly.  Graham is an extremely charming and interesting man, and Pat is the apple of his, and our, eye!

After so many years of returning to Aphrodite Hills Graham kindly wrote a lovely article for us to let us, and yourselves, know just what it is about the Resort and Cyprus that has captured their hearts:

Graham & Pat

“Having had a very privileged existence in the British and European foreign services, we were spoilt for choice when it came to retirement. After careful consideration, and forays into Florida, and several other sunny venues, we discovered Cyprus in 2008.

It was chance that led us to, since then we have enjoyed at least three months at Aphrodite Hills every year – and sometimes more. Like many others we seek winter sunshine predominately, but we have frequent visitors with needs of their own – all of which are catered for by Aphrodite Hills resort.

Golfers, obviously, are happy to have one of the world’s most scenic golf courses on their doorstep. Young children can roam safely all over the estate and the older ones can indulge in golf, tennis, soccer, swimming and biking to their hearts’ content.

For the culture vultures, UNESCO has invested millions in the multitude of archaeological sites all over Cyprus – most of which are an easy drive from Aphrodite Hills – and Paphos boasts a large mall with a multiplex cinema.

All the villas have modern TVs, DVD players and wifi and the views from most of them are to die for. All are fully and comfortably furnished, most with large heated pools.

For the devoted home cooks, the kitchens are all well equipped and the local supermarkets cater to all needs at very competitive prices. Some are affiliated to large UK supermarkets like Tesco and Waitrose but there is no need to go beyond the local produce which is all freshly picked, delicious and very cheap. Local fillet steak is excellent – and about £20 a kilo rather than £40 in the UK. Local fish is available everywhere – especially sea bass and sea bream, again prices are far lower than in UK.

For those preferring to eat out there are several restaurants on the resort, many local tavernas within easy driving distance and there are also a few restaurants offering fine dining – again at very reasonable prices. The keynote everywhere is informality and a genuine desire to please. Ask nicely for what you want and they will do their best to give it to you.

But the icing on the cake is the support afforded to guests by the team at From the moment they meet you at the entrance they accept full responsibility for your welfare and take this responsibility very seriously. They want their guests to be happy – and they go to unusual lengths to see that they are. In our experience they are unique – and well deserve their loyal clientele who keep on coming back. Like us they have found nothing comparable out there. No nicer people and no better value for money – anywhere!”

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