Walking in Cyprus – Tripylos Mountain circular walk (Cedar Valley)

One of my very favourite walks that I’ve done in Cyprus – the view from the top of Tripylos Mountain really is stunning, and if you’re lucky then the fire watchmen may be on hand to give you some binoculars and talk you through the various mountains that you can see from the watch station!  You can even view Morfou Bay on a clear day.

tripylos walk

Taken from Cypruswalks.co.uk:

Cedar Valley Cyprus Walk which goes up Tripylos Mountain and back – the walking distance is around 13.5kms.

This Cyprus walk takes place within the Cedar Valley and takes you up to the very top of Tripylos Mountain which is at a height of about 1362 metres. Getting to the start is a little difficult to explain – on the map the area is called Dhodekha Anemi and is on the Kykko to Stravos road – a road goes off from here signposted “Cedar Valley 10kms”. Drive down this road to reach a wide junction and parking area – there is a sign marked “Cedar Valley 4kms” – park around here.


There are picnic tables here and excellent views of seemingly everywhere – mountains, valleys, more trees and also closer by several resident Jays also hoping to share your food with you. From the fireman’s lookout post return back down the track a short distance and then turn right – now follow this track as it winds back down the mountain to eventually reach the road junction marked “Cedar Valley 10kms”. Turn left and head back along the Cedar Valley road – although this is tarmac (it’s shown as a dirt road on most maps) it was possible to walk most of the time on the original track edge which was generally fairly wide and a much nicer surface. Again to the right there were often good views of the valley – and also fortunately there was very little traffic on the road – in fact we only saw 3 cars whilst walking the 6kms back to the start point.


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