Friday’s Fact About: Vereggaria Hotel – ‘The Hotel of Kings’ turned ‘The Haunted Hotel’

vereggaria hotel now

High up in the Troodos mountains, in the lovely village of Prodromos, stands Hotel Vereggaria, once claimed to be one of the most wonderful Cypriot Resorts of the 20th century.

vereggaria hotel now 2Hidden in the mountainside, the now derelict hotel can only be seen as you get quite close to it, but at a height of around 1700m the views from the building are still breathtaking, so we can only imagine the delight that the guests must have felt looking out of their room windows when they visited.

There isn’t much information to be found on the history of the Hotel, but what we can gather is that it was built between 1928 – 1930, and closed towards the late 70s-early 80s.  There are plenty of rumours as to why the hotel closed, one being that it was due to poor hygiene.  There have also been plenty of rumours of restoration (signifying preservation of ‘cultural heritage’), however these quickly fizzle out as time after time any effort seems to disappear without explanation.

What is known of the hotel was that it was one of real grandeur for it’s time; it is known as ‘The Hotel of the Kings’ because of it’s many renowned guests of royalty, fame and riches. The name of the hotel is also reminiscent of royalty, as Vereggaria was the name of the queen of Navarre, wife of Richard Lionheart (the royal couple got married in Cyprus).  At the beginning of the 20th century  (1931) Pharouk, the king of Egypt, and Ezer Vaisman, the president of Israel resided at Vereggaria.

berengaria-hotel-outside original

vereggaria hotel original






And of course, legend has it that the hotel is now haunted!  There are a few ghost stories connected to the hotel – including one that the wealthy owner of the hotel (allegedly Mr Kokkalos, which translates as ‘bones’ in Greek) dying and leaving it to his 3 sons. The tale continues that the 3 sons all disagreed, and cursed by their father, all died mysteriously and now the building is said to be haunted by either the dead son or the old man in grief of his beloved home being destroyed.

Are you brave enough to visit the hotel in person to test the ghost stories for yourself? In case you are not, here is a YouTube Clip that we found so that you can visit the hotel from the comfort of your computer chair 🙂

Click HERE to view a Googlemap location of Prodromos.

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