Cyprus’ Stunnning Mountains portrayed in Photos

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By Anna Ioannidou

It is truly difficult and at the same time quite impossible to manage to capture the numerous natural beauties of the mountainous areas in Cyprus. The uncountable outstanding mountain peaks together with the multiple magnificent hills and hummocks are at least stunning, prompting every visitor, local or foreign, to visit them and take the most out of their magic.

The mountainous areas of the island are all year available to mountain lovers who have the chance to enjoy moments of relaxation, adventure, exploration, renovation and recreation. One thing is certain: the areas are ideal for those who want to calm their mind and get away from the everyday stress and pressure.

A little walk through a picturesque village, a friendly conversation with an older generation person, an excursion for hiking, an unforgettable adventurous sky experience, a short staying at a traditional agrotourist hotel, all guarantee unforgettable moments.

The uniquely beautiful nature paths, available all across the mountainous areas of the island, are ready to guide each traveler through areas with spectacular flora and fauna.

In every period of the year, the natural landscapes of the rocky areas acquire a unique sense of beauty, acting as the absolute temptation for every traveler to come and experience them.

Below are presented some of the key mountainous areas spread across the island, as these are depicted by various photographers, who are all in love with the unique beauties of Cyprus.

Beautiful Alona village – Photo by Evripides Timotheou

What if it snows? Life goes on… Alona village by Evripides Timotheou

Autumn in the mountains of Cyprus – Photo by Romos Kotsonis

Handara waterfalls in 4 seasons – Photo by, George Savva and Constantinos Charalambous

Beautiful Lefkara by Eleni Xenophontos


Picturesque Pano Lefkara Sotiris Tsangaris and Lucie Horackova

Scenic Kakopetria by Vasiliki Christoforou

Another outstanding shot at Kakopetria village by Vasiliki Christoforou

Magnificent Kakopetria river by Marios Savvides

Kakopetria waterfall by Stefanos Mistrellides


Kalidonia Waterfalls

Snowy Troodos by Gheorghiţă Bînă

Solea Valley by Nektarios Kammas

Snowing in Pedoulas mountains – Photo by Despina Zavrou

Stunning panoramic view of snowy Troodos by Maria Mina

Palaichori Mountains by Romesh Priyasad

Platania excursion area by Marios Hadjelia

The famous “Yefiri tou Tzelefou” by Kanti Kan

“Oinoessa Traditional Boutique Guest Houses” in mountainous Lofou

Ayios Ioannis Maloundas by Marios Hadjilia

View from Kato Mylos by Riginos Menelaou

Up the hills in Platres village by Romos Kotsonis

A walk through the scenic village of Omodos

An ordinary day for villagers in Omodos, some years ago

Waterfalls near Phini village by Romos Kotsonis

Autumn makes mountainous areas even more beautiful – Photo by Omiros Markides

Stavrovouni hills in Larnaca

Many thanks to each and every photographer for each unique photo, showcasing the beauties of our lovely island. 


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