Meet the Team Monday: introducing Tracie…

I made the most of the rare occasion that you will see Tracie Carter, our Housekeeping Manager, sitting down and grabbed her for a quick Meet the Team Monday chat.

Tracie finishes her day with some paperwork in the sun

Tracie finishes her day with some paperwork in the sun

Tracie is part of the furniture at, having worked as the HK Manager for 8 years now!  It’s certainly a tough position to have, especially in the summer heat, but our Tracie has perfected running a tight ship with her organisation, dedication and her wonderful team of around 15 hard-working ladies.  Part of her position includes organising the schedules for arrival, departure and mid-stay cleans, taking care of cleaning stock, managing laundry inventories and cleans, work schedules for her team, actual cleaning and more.  But she still looks radiant after a full working day, what is her secret?!:

Tell us a little more about yourself Tracie: “I moved to Cyprus 8 years ago.  I had travelled to many, many places around the world but Cyprus is the only country we ever came back to twice! It’s so homely and welcoming that I decided to move here, which I chose over Australia even though I had already completed all my paperwork.  I like that it’s closer to my family and friends in the UK and is easier to get to for them, or for myself when I visit home.  I now live at neighbouring Secret Valley, which I really like because it’s so nice and quiet;  great for my dogs and close to work for Ken and I (Tracie’s partner is Ken, head of our Client Services team, who we’ll be hearing all about soon too).

What are your hobbies: “I have been a volunteer at PAWS dog shelter in Paphos for 4 years and work there 1 day a week.  I love dogs and have 2 of my own (both rescues that have come from PAWS) so I find it really rewarding and it’s a relief to see somewhere safe for the rescue dogs where they are well looked after.  I also enjoy keeping fit, walking and baking when I can find the time (which I’m not so keen on in the Summer heat).

What is your favourite thing about living in Cyprus: “The weather!  And the laid back environment”, although Tracie does admit that she does find that it can sometimes be a little too laid back in certain aspects.

And your favourite thing about Aphrodite Hills?: “I love that when I come here when I’m not working, even after 8 years, it has such a great holiday feel to it; just last week we visited the kebab shop and I felt like I was on holiday!”.

What would you say is the most satisfying part of your job at “I love walking out of a villa and seeing it pristine”.

How do you like to unwind after work?: “Walking my dogs completely clears my mind and relaxes me after work.”

Our glamorous HK Manager hasn’t a hair out of place, nor a hint of smudged mascara; a true professional lady!  Tracie is part of the family and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stay tuned for our next Meet the Team Monday….

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  1. edward Bowen says:

    I’m really enjoying these updates . Amazing how big an operation it is , and clearly very well run . Loving the tourist tips too . Can’t wait to visit . Best Eddie Bowen .

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