Friday’s Fun Fact about: Avakas Gorge

Avakas Gorge is one of the prettiest trails in Cyprus for our walkers out there that would like to explore a little more of Cyprus’ nature.

The limestone walls are majestic and beautiful to walk through

The limestone walls are majestic and beautiful to walk through

Located on the unspoiled Akamas Peninsula the Gorge can be easily accessed by car, although may be a little tricky to find on your first visit (see directions below).

The entrance walk to the actual gorge is beautiful in itself; there’s lots of local flora to enjoy and we’d urge you to look out for the wonderful ancient olive tree trunk on the left of the track.

The akamas centaury is found in only 2 locations in Cyprus

The akamas centaury is found in only 2 locations in Cyprus


The gorge is one of only 2 places that the beautiful, endemic ‘centauria akamantis’ shrub plant can be found in Cyprus (the other is the Argaki ton Koufon gorge).

Carved out of limestone rocks, rising up as high as 30 metres and narrowing dramatically at one point, the gorge is a fairly difficult, yet short hike (it is only around 3km in length) as the rough track winds its way along and over the stream that formed this natural wonder over thousands of years ago.


There is also lots of wild life found around the gorge, including foxes, hares, falcons, butterflies and reptiles, and we can almost guarantee that you will be accompanied by wild goats along the way – you will spot them on all sorts of cliff edges and compromising positions!

Parts of the walk are slippery and involve a certain amount of clambering over rocks and stones. Solid footwear and sensible clothes are recommended and don’t forget to take plenty drinking water with you.

To finish off your trip to the Gorge we would highly recommend visiting the neighbouring Viklari Castle restaurant (also known as ‘the Last Castle’) – the views are amazing, as well as the home cooked food; there’s no menu, just slow cooked pork or chicken souvla which will melt in your mouth!  Click here to see our review of the Last Castle on our 8509 website.

The rustic 'Last Castle' is a unique eating spot  that we'd highly recommend trying!

The rustic ‘Last Castle’ is a unique eating spot that we’d highly recommend trying!

Directions: follow the Coral Bay road past Coral Bay towards Ayios Georgios (St George), take the right turn to the Akamas & Lara beach just before you reach Agios Georgios (sign posted), the road will turn into a dirt track after around 100m, follow the road carefully for around 1 kilometre or so – the road widens and there is a sign for the beach on the left and a carved rock advertising ‘Viklari’ castle restaurant (which you can see perched on the cliff on your right hand side).  Follow the dirt track to your right as if going to the castle, but take the right turn beforehand – be careful on this track because there is a steep drop to your right and it is quite bumpy.  Happy walking!

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