Limassol Photographic comparison

By Anna Ioannidou from the HeartCyprus blog

Starting from the well-known Ayiou Andreou street, passing by one of the biggest shopping areas, Aneksartisias street, stopping at the famous Saripolou street and heading towards the long Limassol promenade, this article brings an amazing comparison of how Limassol looked a couple of years ago and the way it looks like nowadays.

Through a rare photographic comparison, one can pinpoint the development the city undergone through all these years. By receiving a considerable amount of emphasis through the deployment of various new projects and developments Limassol managed to nowadays act as an absolute hub on the island.

Heading from Anexartisias street towards Pentadromos street


Limassol District Administration in Aneksartisias street


Limassol Town Hall


Pantanassa Catholic Church


Ayiou Andreou Street (EAC Headquarters)


Old main post office across the Town Hall


Ayiou Andreou Street (to the left of Ayia Napa church)


Limassol promenade (Molos area) – Hotel Continental


Ayiou Andreou Street


End point of Anexartisias street towards Limassol promenade


The old market


The Old Post Office


From Catholic church towards the central bus station – The old market


Pentadromos Before and After


Saripolou Square


The courtyard of Ayia Napa – Opposite from EAC Headquarters


Special thanks to a great Heart Cyprus supporter, Andreas Hadjiandonis, for the amazing photographic gallery presented in this article. 


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