Meet the Team Monday – introducing Graham…

I caught up with Graham Jeffery, the newest member of our team, to find out a little bit more about how he’s enjoying life as part of the team.

Graham enjoys the more laid back Cypriot lifestyle

Graham enjoys the more laid back Cypriot lifestyle

Having previously worked as part of the security team at the Resort for 3 years, Graham started his position in the Client Services team in April 2014 with a great knowledge of the Resort, which has certainly come in handy.  His roles within the Client Services team include meeting and greeting our guests upon arrival at the Resort, prepping the properties for these arrivals, liasing with and assisting guests during their stay and also carrying out departure checks on the properties.  Graham’s friendly and positive attitude has been a lovely addition to our team and I thoroughly enjoyed our chat:

Tell us a little more about yourself Graham: “My partner and I fell in love with Cyprus after holidaying here.  Before moving out here we got married and have been in Cyprus for 5 years now, the best move ever!  I am now technically retired after 30 years’ service in the police force in Edinburgh, where I was born and raised. I specialised in community policing & crime prevention and my highlight was definitely having contact with the public, which is what I do miss about the police.  I never had to use my baton, with the exception of 1 occasion where it was used to flatten a pipe that had burst in the cold!  I have 2 kids, who are now adults; my eldest daughter still lives in Scotland but my son has worked in Italy, since he was around 19, as a kart racing team manager, and speaks fluent Italian – I’m very proud of them both”.

What are your hobbies: “My favourite hobby since moving to Cyprus is definitely drinking coffee in the sunshine (that’s lattes, not frappes – I’m not quite Cypriot yet!).  I also enjoy watching motor sports, walking and being out and about in the fresh air”.

What is your favourite thing about living in Cyprus: “Oh that’s easy – the relaxed lifestyle, and the weather – which are both very different to the UK, especially given the job I had”.

And your favourite thing about Aphrodite Hills?: “Aphrodite Hills is such an attractive Resort, with the flora and the stunning properties….and, of course, Haagen Dazs!”.

What would you say is the most satisfying part of your job at “Personally I love seeing our guests happy with our service, it’s really satisfying and makes the hard work worthwhile”.

How do you like to unwind after work?: “1 word: Latte!”

I leave Graham to get on with his working day, realising that all these lattes must be part of his secret to his hard working and positive attitude – he’s a true pleasure to have around the office!  And on that note, I’m off to order myself a grande from Costa coffee.

Stay tuned for our next Meet the Team Monday….

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